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A Decade of Award-Winning Skincare

A Decade of Award-Winning Skincare

In the dynamic world of skincare, few brands have made a lasting impact like Beauren Cosmetics. Over the past decade, this Korean skincare powerhouse has consistently garnered recognition and accolades for its exceptional products and commitment to innovation.

  • Venture Business Certification 

This certification acknowledges Beauren Cosmetics as a dynamic and promising player in the industry, highlighting its entrepreneurial spirit and potential for future success.

  • R&D Department Certification

This certification validates the brand's commitment to scientific research, innovation, and the development of cutting-edge skincare products.

  • Sure "Beauty Award"

The Sure "Beauty Award" is a highly regarded recognition given by the prestigious beauty and lifestyle magazine, Sure. This award acknowledges Beauren Cosmetics' exceptional products that have stood out for their effectiveness, quality, and ability to meet the beauty needs of consumers

  • 2019 Special Brand Best Popular Brand Award

The 2019 Special Brand Best Popular Brand Award is a recognition bestowed upon Beauren Cosmetics for its outstanding popularity and strong consumer appeal during 2019. 

  • MONEYTODAY This Year's Hit Product

MONEYTODAY, a renowned media outlet, presents the "This Year's Hit Product" award to products that have achieved exceptional success and popularity in the market

  • 2018 France WABEL Award Best Premium Product

The 2018 France WABEL Award for Best Premium Product is a prestigious international accolade that recognizes Beauren Cosmetics' commitment to producing top-tier skincare products.

  • ASIA Culture & Economic Promotion Institute Grand Prize in Global Enterprise Division

The ASIA Culture & Economic Promotion Institute Grand Prize in the Global Enterprise Division is a distinguished award that recognizes Beauren Cosmetics' remarkable achievements in expanding its business globally. This prize acknowledges the brand's efforts in promoting cultural exchange and economic growth across different regions, highlighting its contributions to the global skincare market.

  • 2022 This Year's Korea Luxury Brand

Being recognized as the "This Year's Korea Luxury Brand" is a significant honor that showcases Beauren Cosmetics' exceptional status as a prestigious and luxurious skincare brand in Korea

  • Designated as a Promising Export Firm

The designation of Beauren Cosmetics as a Promising Export Firm signifies its potential and capability to expand its presence beyond domestic borders.

  • The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul

The Excellent Company brand of Seoul is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon Beauren Cosmetics by the city of Seoul in South Korea. This award celebrates the brand's outstanding performance, contribution to the local economy, and commitment to excellence.

  • Inno-Biz Certificate

The Inno-Biz Certificate is an official certification granted by the Korean government to innovative businesses that demonstrate technological expertise, growth potential, and market competitiveness.

These awards collectively reinforce Beauren Cosmetics' exceptional achievements, spanning from international recognition for premium products to local and national accolades that celebrate its innovation, export potential, and commitment to excellence. With each award, Beauren Cosmetics solidifies its position as a globally respected skincare brand and a driver of industry advancement.

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